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Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic Floor Therapy Evaluation

This is a 1:1 evaluation in the comfort of your own home, or any other location that is comfortable for you. We will go over your intake forms, address any new questions or concerns, and identify your goals. 

We assess posture, functional movement, and strength. This allows us to see how your body responds to movement and identify any compensatory movements that may have developed. 

If needed, and with consent, we will perform an external and internal exam. This part of the evaluation helps identify your ability to coordinate the pelvic floor muscles for contraction and lengthening, muscle tone, as well as, help us locate points of tenderness that may be causing the issue.

Follow up Treatment Sessions

This is where the fun begins! Based on the information gathered during the evaluation, an individualized plan of care will be developed. Treatment sessions may include:

  • Education on breathing techniques and posture

  • Individualized strengthening exercises

  • Functional movements (picking up, carrying, walking, etc.)

  • Balance

  • Manual techniques of cupping and myofascial release

Our Values





This is where it begins. Your story is important to us. It is the foundation of each session. We want to hear your history, past and present, to provide the best care. You will have uninterrupted time with your therapist to share your story.

We use a whole body, client centered approach. Everything in our bodies are connected, so it is important for us to gather information about your body, your habits, your roles & your routines. 

Communication is key. We value providing you with the information we have gathered to make informed decisions about your care, whether it is with us or other providers. We will provide education on why we have selected specific treatment methods and what it will address.

This is all for you! We will work together as a team to help you reach your goals. We will check in with you every session to get a feel for what is going on and make modifications, if needed, to continue to guide you on your way to improved pelvic health.

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